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1) Why choose Purposely?

Time, it wakes 3-8 weeks to find a qualified candidate. We can take it from here and will present you with strong candidates that you can decide on.  Purposely is run by parents just like you, so we’re especially attuned to your needs and concerns. 

 2) How long does the process take?

The process typically takes 3-8 weeks from initial contact to making your hiring decision. If you’re under a greater time constraint, let us know, and we’ll do our best to accommodate your needs.


 3) Where do you get your nannies?

We have an established pool of nannies in the Northern VA and DC- metro region. All nanny-candidates have sat for an extensive interview with our team, come highly recommended both through their referrals and previous employers. We draw from other parent recommendations, nannies we’ve personally seen in action, and referrals from our recurrent nannies. As children grow up and enter the school system, our nannies come back on the market and are ready to be placed with new families. If we don’t already have someone in our pool who meets your family’s specific criteria, we will activate our networks and find candidates who do.

 4) I have certain requirements and preferences. Will you take these into consideration?

Yes! In addition to our general minimum requirements, we want our nannies to meet your needs and preferences. Our extensive Intake Questionnaire covers these desires and we will go over them together in our first meeting.

 5) How much does a nanny cost?

You negotiate the final contract, so that’s mostly up to you. But in general, you can expect to pay between $18-25 an hour for one child, and $20-35 an hour for two children, and $25-35 for three children. You also need to account for taxes, paid holidays, and benefits.


 6) Will my nanny clean or cook?

All of our nannies have agreed in advance to do light housework, including anything that relates to the child, such as washing the child’s dishes, doing their laundry, and prepping their meals. If you need more than that, please make that clear and we will try to match you with a nanny willing to meet those requirements.

 7) Is there a minimum commitment to the nanny?

Our process includes the option for one trial day and a grace period, during which you can ask to be matched with a new nanny for any reason. After that, we do encourage you to provide a 1-year commitment, because that security makes it easier to attract the best candidates. 

 8) How much is the placement Fee?

The placement fee is a percentage of your childcare provider's annual salary. We will calculate how much your nanny will make annually and charge you a percentage between 15% and 22% based on your requested services.

The Placement Fee does not include your nanny's hourly rate or salary. You are required to pay your nanny directly for their services. A specific rate will be determined by you and our team during your initial consultation and the payment schedule will be discussed.

9) Do you negotiate the nanny contract?

No. You keep total control over the process. We turn all the paperwork from our reference checks and our notes over to you, and then you negotiate the terms of employment.

10) Do you run background checks?

We use an independent professional background check service, which will check the nanny’s criminal history, presence on sex offender registries, and motor vehicle driving history, and we share these reports with you. The background check is performed once you make your selection. We also check their references and share it with you, transparency is one of our core values.

11) Are there any conditions all of your nannies must meet?

Yes. We only work with nannies who can communicate well in English, are legal to work in the United States, and have a minimum of 3 years of childcare experience. We also track our nanny’s progress to make our clients are satisfied with their choice. We care about finding the right person for your family.

12) How do you know if a nanny is a good fit?

Nanny placement is part art and part science. All of our nannies meet our minimum requirements and typically have come highly recommended from other parents and/or trusted nannies. Our process is designed to get to know your family’s needs and preferences so the candidates we present meets them. And then there’s that well-honed intuition that comes from hiring experience. At the same time, the family interview, the trial day, and the grace period leave the decision ultimately in your hands as to whether the nanny is the right fit.

13) What if it doesn’t work out?

We understand that sometimes someone initially seems like a great fit but the chemistry just isn’t there. We offer a grace period during which you can ask to be matched with a new nanny. Our fees are non-refundable. 

 14) How many hours a day does a nanny work?

You negotiate the terms of employment, so this depends on the agreement that you and your nanny reach. In general, nannies work 7-10 hours a day. Household employees are protected by the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) which states that they be paid 1.5 times (time-and-a-half) for all hours worked over a 40-hour workweek. 

 15) What if I’m looking for a live-in nanny, part-time or after-school nanny?

We can help with that too! 

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Breathe easy — we’ll take it from here! From helping you identify your needs to finding a caring childcare provider who’s right for your family, we’ll navigate you through the entire process.

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